Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs about using the Services and Products

What is Transactional Service?

In transactional service, we can send the message only to the subscribe people and the content of the message should be only transactional/informative.

What is Promotional Service?

In promotional service, we can send any kind of messages to promote the business etc. Note: Messages cannot be send to DND numbers.

Difference between Promotional & Transactional Service?

Promotional Transactional
Sender-Id is not required Sender-Id is required
Template approval is not required Template approval is required
Any kind of sms can be send Only transactional sms can be send

What is Unicode?

Messages can be sent in different languages which is refered has Unicode messages.

What is opt in service?

Opt-in means to Opt for a particular services. If client want to send sms from transactional route to unknown subscriber then he need to request the subscribers to opt. Subscriber can send an sms with keyword to provided number. Once subscriber send an sms he would be considered under Option group and would be liable to receive sms.

What is a Sender ID?

Sender id is a header which is been seen when the sms is received on handset.

What is the size of Sender ID?

Sender id should be of 6 digits alphabetic only

What is Customised SMS?

Customised sms is used to send personalised sms to n number of subscribers w.r.t their names and respective details at one go. Customised sms can be used by using microsoft excel sheet. Eg : Dear Sudhakar , Your child Prabhu have scored 75% in exams.

How can I see my reports for sms sent?

We have an section called SENT ITEMS on our application where you can view the complete reports for the sms sent from your account.

How can I extract reports of past days?

We have option of REPORTS under section SENT ITEMS from where your can extract the reports date wise of past days. We have facility of extracting reports from our sms application of last 30 days.

How can I request for approval of sender id?

We have option of MANAGE SENDER ID under section MANAGE ITEMS, Where you have facility of creating a new sender id in your sms a/c.

Can I save my contacts in my sms a/c?

Yes. You can save all the contacts in GROUP with name. We have a option called MANAGE GROUP under section MANAGE ITEMS where you can create groups and save contact numbers.

How to change password of my sms a/c?

Under settings section you have a feature of changing the current password of your sms a/c.

How to get the API?

You can download the HTTP/XML API document from your sms a/c under DEVELOPER section.

What is working key?

Working key acts as credentials for your sms a/c to send sms from API. Working key is manadatory to send sms from API.

How can I generate API key for my sms a/c?

Under DEVELOPER section we have provided a facilty of creating API key.

What is IP specific API key?

You can white list your server IP while generating working key from where your would be trigerring API. It is like If you want to use the HTTP/XML API from a specific Server(IP) only and should not be used by any other server(IP).